Private forests call for help against spruce budworm

The Quebec Federation of Forest Producers (FPFQ) can not understand why Ottawa has forgotten to support its fight against the spruce budworm.

Last week’s federal budget provides $ 75 million over five years to curb the budworm outbreak in the Atlantic provinces.

According to the Federation, 15,000 forest owners expected direct assistance while 13% of Quebec’s forest was affected.

The current infestation cycle began on the North Shore and spread to the Saguenay before crossing the river to spread to Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie, analyzes the director general.

We may be further away from the big centers, and then it affects the perception that some politicians

may have.

Marc-André Côté, Executive Director, Quebec Federation of Forest Producers (FPFQ)

“It would have been easier if the budworm had started its cycle near the big cities, huh? ”

The Federation wants Minister Bill Morneau to change or increase his allowance and turn to Quebec City.

“We are telling homeowners to harvest their forest before their wood is no longer good for the industry. But there are young forests that can not be harvested, the trees are too small. ”

Last year, Quebec injected $ 10 million for watering programs.


The entire sector would have fallen behind the previous budworm control program, particularly at the reforestation level.

“The last time, the last epidemic resulted in private forest planting about 80 million trees,” says Marc-Andre Côté.

For the current epidemic, however, only 10 million trees have been replanted.

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