Hudson Bay victim of hackers

The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) is the latest Canadian company to be targeted by computer infiltrators.

The company announced that personal information from the payment cards of some of her clients had been stolen from Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks Off Fifth and Lord & Taylor stores in North America.

A spokesman for the company could not say whether any Canadian stores had been affected, saying that there was no evidence to suggest that the other digital platforms of the HBC, La Baie stores and Home Outfitters had also been infiltrated.

The HBC revealed little information on this computer vulnerability, but a New York cybersecurity firm said it had analyzed the available data and concluded that the security of five million credit cards had been compromised.

According to Gemini Advisory LLC, the stolen data comes from 83 Saks Fifth Avenue or Saks Off Fifth stores and all of Lord & Taylor’s stores. These three banners belong to the HBC.

In Canada

The American firm said it discovered that three Saks stores in Canada had been exposed to the fault: Sherway Gardens in Toronto, Bramalea City Center in Brampton and Pickering Town Center in Pickering.

Gemini Advisory co-founder Dmitry Chrorine says his company noticed an influx of credit card and debit card information on the black web last week.

For now, HBC recommends that customers review their bills to identify transactions that are unknown to them.

It continues its investigation and takes the necessary measures to contain this attack. Customers will not be held responsible for fraudulent transactions resulting from the computer breach.

She plans to offer a free identity protection service to victims when she knows more about it.

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